Founded in 2005, Onimi Italia Sdn. Bhd. (702075-M) has been making waves in Malaysia and grown to be one of the most successful and diverse distributors of faucets and fittings. The Onimi Italia brand has become synonymous with quality and is well known at offering a wide range of products to suit all its customer’s needs.

With operations based out of Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Onimi Italia distributes its own premier brand, and also provides OEM solutions to many other major labels such as Claytan, Sime Inax, Pakai and etc. This makes the company a diverse supplier, being able to fulfil the strict high standards of other major brands, that translates into the focus on quality for its own original products.

As of the year 2008, Onimi Italia’s storage facility in Subang Jaya measures at 10,000 square feet, and is able to handle the high demands of the Malaysian industry. It distributes its products throughout Malaysia with a strong dealer based across the country.

Realising customers demand for new and innovative products at good value pricing, Onimi Italia setup its own manufacturing plant in GuangZhou, China to cater to the increasing needs of the industry. The plant has been operating for 3 years (since 2009) and is located on a half acre piece of land with a workforce of 80 – 100 strong.

Through the years, international expansion has also brought Onimi Italia products to countries outside of Malaysia such as Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Solomon Islands and the Philippines. We hope to continue this expansion, and enter into more international markets in the near future.

Growing in leaps and bounds, Onimi Italia has set the standard as one of Malaysia’s leading faucet and fittings brand. With manufacturing and distribution under one roof, it is committed to providing all current and future customers with the highest quality products in the market.


Onimi Italia’s objective is to provide the highest quality fittings and the widest range of products to meet the increasing demands of the industry and our customers.

We take pride in quality and insist on only providing the highest standard of product.

Every product that we manufacture and import is put through strict tests to ensure its quality is upheld to Onimi Italia’s standards. Only after these tests have been completed can the products be distributed out to our dealers across Malaysia.

In addition to that, our technicians are constantly on standby to provide assistance and support to all our dealers in order to ensure that any defects or issues with products are handled swiftly and appropriately so that our customers are constantly satisfied.

The company also constantly improves itself through R&D, investing heavily in innovation development, new raw material development, and improvement in technical processes to enhance the durability and quality of its products.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and this is apparent throughout the entire process – manufacturing, importing, and distribution, to ensure that YOU, our customer, are always satisfied.


Onimi Italia produces and distributes a wide range of faucets. Our current line-up includes cold taps, mixers, bathroom accessories, designer series, and there are many more currently in the development pipeline.

All our faucets are manufactured from brass chrome and stainless steel 304 which are well known for its high durability. The thickness of the chrome used is never less than 10µm and is enhanced through a chroming method that will help ensure the products remain in perfect condition for more than 10 years.

Onimi Italia products are put through the “Salt Water Testing” method to ensure high standards of quality control. On top of that, every single batch of product, regardless of order size is put through strict testing requirements before they are distributed out to our dealers so that defects and issues can be detected early and dealt with even before it reaches our customers. We are proud to announce as well that our products are certified by many world renowned international organizations such as Watermark (Australia), CE Mark (Europe), TÜV (Germany), PSB (Singapore) and SIRIM (Malaysia).

And finally, our strong aftersales services such as warranties and technical assistance ensure that as an Onimi Italia customer, you are always satisfied.